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Borders Interview

Caroline Myss has demonstrated her intuitive ability to diagnose illness with an accuracy of 95%

Doctor Caroline Myss 'Why People Don't Heal & How They Can.'

Caroline Myss will change your life. In her video 'Why People Don't Heal and How They Can,' Dr. Myss reveals how your thoughts and feelings determine your emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being. She explains cultural blocks to healing and shows how to improve your health with the revolutionary Five Steps to Healing.

RobinCCC: Welcomes You! Tonight please welcome our special guest

RobinCCC: ~ Caroline Myss, Ph.D. ~

RobinCCC: Caroline Myss has spent more than 15 years studying

RobinCCC: why some people heal, while others do not.

RobinCCC: She is here to discuss her new book 'Why People Don't

RobinCCC: Heal And How They Can'.

RobinCCC: Please welcome -Caroline Myss!

CarolineMyss: Thanks!

RobinCCC: Hello Dr. Myss. Thank you for joining us tonight. What does the role of a medical intuitive involve and when did you first realize you had this ability?

CarolineMyss: I can only answer it from me. My role as a medical intuitive is that I assist people in interpreting the data that is present in their energy field, and in their cell tissue. I use the principal that one's biography becomes one's biology.

CarolineMyss: In terms of realizing when I had it, so to speak, I was always, like everyone else, intuitive, and mine simply and gradually refined itself in this direction. So there wasn't a single moment when the light went on but a gradual realization of my strength.

RobinCCC: Your book speaks of about inner wounds. What are they and how do they affect our relationships with others and ourselves?

CarolineMyss: There are numerous inner wounds, everything from childhood traumas to feelings of rejection, to the wounds that the overly sensitive can have, in terms of not getting the right seat in an auditorium that they wanted.

CarolineMyss: In other words, everything can potentially cause a wound, depending on the person you are dealing with.

CarolineMyss: Here again, all wounds affect relationships and again, it is relative to the wound and the maturity of the person.

CarolineMyss: An angry person can make life miserable for the person he or she is angry with, and this is just one example of how you can let a wound influence you and your behavior.

RobinCCC: What are the five myths of healing? How can they be overcome?

CarolineMyss: The first myth is that 'pain is a negative' - instead of recognizing the fact that pain could very well be a guiding point as to what's really going on inside of you.

CarolineMyss: And repressing pain, either through creating distractions in your life, or through medication, is often an unwise choice because you're missing the message in pain.

CarolineMyss: Another myth is: my life is defined by my wound.

CarolineMyss: So people will say, 'Oh, I am a twice-divorced person,' or 'I'm a widower,' or 'I'm an incest survivor'- this is not your identity . These are experiences, but people will use these experiences as if they were one's identity.

CarolineMyss: The question is, why would someone do that?

CarolineMyss: My observation is that presenting one's wound, on lead, is a way of establishing a level of power around oneself, and vulnerability that is often very manipulative.

CarolineMyss: Another myth: 'Being Healthy means being alone.'

CarolineMyss: Many people are terrified of healing because they believe that healing means no longer having any emotional needs, or no longer being able to reach out for emotional support.

CarolineMyss: Our definition of healing, right now, is that a healed person is invincible, and that model needs to be reconstructed rapidly.

CarolineMyss: Here's another myth: 'All illness is the result of negativity.'

CarolineMyss: Here again, that is not true. While negativity is certainly a factor in the creation of illness with people, and indeed can be the origin, that concept eclipses the fact that illness can be a product of genetics, toxicity, the environment.

CarolineMyss: Further, illness can often-times be a form of divine guidance, in that it can cause a person to change his or her life into another direction which becomes the 'greatest thing that could ever have happened to them.'

CarolineMyss: And the 5th myth: 'True change is impossible.'

CarolineMyss: This myth refers to the response people often have to the demands their healing program presents to them. For example, if a person is under serious stress, health-wise - cancer for example - and that stress seems to involve ongoing abuse in a marriage, then it's obvious that the healing process has to include a reconsideration as to whether or not to remain married to that person.

CarolineMyss: More often than not, I've seen people remain with their partners, saying to me, 'I simply can't change that much.'

RobinCCC: Dr. Myss, how many books have you written to date?

CarolineMyss: Four

CarolineMyss: The first one is 'AIDS: passage rite of Transformation.' Second was 'Creation of Health;' third is 'Anatomy of the Spirit;' and the fourth is 'Why People Don't Heal and How They Can' pigmy: Do you have any knowledge of Dianetics?

CarolineMyss: Not sufficient to comment on it.

RobinCCC: Both Eastern and Western religions speak of the seven levels. Could you define these seven levels and give us more information on obtaining them?

CarolineMyss: Not a simple question!

CarolineMyss: The manner in which I work with the seven levels. - and I need to emphasize I, because if you were to ask other teachers they would give you their own interpretation - I present these levels as distinctive plateaus of power.

CarolineMyss: Each one represents a different stage of knowledge that the soul needs in its journey toward maturation.

CarolineMyss: The first level refers to our relationship to physical life in general - one could say, our connection to the physical experience of life itself. This is the part of our selves that resonates to all of the other kingdoms of life. This is the origin of what it means to be grounded.

CarolineMyss: The second level of power refers to our connection to each other - it is relationship oriented. It also refers to our relationship to external forms of power in physical life, such as our relationship to money, to control and to our sexuality.

CarolineMyss: The third level represents our relationship to ourselves, our self-esteem, our sense of personal power.

CarolineMyss: The fourth level refers to our relationship to the entire spectrum of emotions, from unconditional love through romantic love, including self-love; and, on the other side, negative expressions of emotion.

CarolineMyss: The fifth level refers to our relationship with willpower and the power of choice and consequence.

CarolineMyss: The six level refers to our relationship to reality itself - to our mental field, to our mind, to how we construct reality.

CarolineMyss: And the seventh resonates to our relationship with God.

RobinCCC: That is fascinating Dr. Myss, thank you.

RobinCCC: Once we have invested ourselves into this healing process, what signs should we look for that we are making progress?

CarolineMyss: Ironic as it might sound, the signs are often-times woven into an increase of life's challenges.

CarolineMyss: The reason is, conscious growth so often comes through the handling of serious life challenges. Thus, as we strive to become more aware of ourselves, we have to see more of ourselves, and that includes more of our shadow.

CarolineMyss: On the positive side, there are much greater responses to healing forces and to inner states of tranquility.

RobinCCC: elliemaeclampet says: May I inquire as to your credentials and the 'experiences' in your life that influenced you to pursue this area of the emotions/spirit of species human

CarolineMyss: I credit a lot of my skill to my background in theology, because I was so immersed in the study of classical mysticism, and that certainly prepared me to understand spirituality at a very traditional and grounded and classical manner, and I give that a lot of credit - I have a graduate degree in theology.

RobinCCC: tjhardy says: How do you deal with the emotions of divorce: sorrow/sadness/fear/anger

CarolineMyss: The first phrase that is certainly truth and that one needs to realize is that ultimately you either get bitter or you get better. The question is: how long do you want to draw out that process?

CarolineMyss: If you're waiting for a moment in which you can make someone feel guilty for what they did, you'll never heal, because you tend to end up enjoying that position, even though you call it grief. But the shadow side of it is, you actually enjoy making that other person feel guilty.

CarolineMyss: Healing, ultimately, begins with being honest with yourself as to whether or not you really genuinely want to heal, because if you do, it doesn't take much more than 'I've had enough of this,' and 'I'm simply getting on with my life.'

CarolineMyss: And after that, every time the old memories surface you dismiss them without giving them much attention at all.

CarolineMyss: If therapy is required to at least get you on your way, then do so. But if you find yourself in therapy for an extended period of time, then you need to sit down with yourself and your therapist, and ask the question, 'Do I really want to heal this? Because if I do, I should have been healed by now.'

RobinCCC: morrissey says: My mother has severe manic depressive disorder, she cannot work or live by herself. The illness controls her life. Can she heal from this chronic illness by taking back her energy? Also, we at the Flint Michigan Borders would love to have you in for a signing!

CarolineMyss: Sure - but I would also recommend a serious profile with a nutritionist, as well as a trip to a physician to profile one's chemical balance.

CarolineMyss: And I'd love to come sign books! :-)

RobinCCC: elliemaeclampet says: has there been a recurring theme in your writings, if so, has it echoed things you wish to address in your own life?

CarolineMyss: The recurring theme in my writings is very definitely the study of power and our relationship to power, whether that has to do with illness and power, the return of wellness and empowerment, or whether it has to do with our intimate relationship with divine power, it's the study of power that intrigues me.

RobinCCC: jimmirae says: Dr. Myss, Thank You for being here. I'm a Spiritual Intuitive and want to know if you have found the relation between the Archetypal system and the Tarot's Major Arcana of 22 cards . p.s. You're great!

CarolineMyss: There most definitely is a relationship. The Tarot system is ancient, beautiful, and totally archetypal. I myself do not read Tarot, but my respect for it is deep.

RobinCCC: You have stated that the greatest illusion of the New Age is that awareness alone heals. Why is this a harmful illusion?

CarolineMyss: I didn't say harmful... I said insufficient, because it lacks the demand for action, so awareness ALONE is insufficient because it does not cause a person to take action. One must then have the willpower to make a choice based on their awareness

RobinCCC: What is your favorite way to 'ignite the healing fires within'?

CarolineMyss: I describe the options. If you don't want to heal, what's your option?

CarolineMyss: I don't think the other option, which is to get worse, is a wise choice.

RobinCCC: elliemaeclampet says: How are we defining power...I am sure we all have our own definitions....nonetheless, I find your interest in the concept of mystical v traditional beliefs quite does one meld the two?

CarolineMyss: For me, power - authentic power - represents one's very clear internal relationship to God. One merges the two through study, through immersing yourself in a deep understanding of classical mysticism, and a deep journey into yourself to discover how you define power for yourself. This is how you merge - by knowing yourself, and by arming yourself with knowledge.

RobinCCC: jimmirae says: Who does Dr. Myss respect as far as their work/research in the 'New Age' field today? Thanks Again! :-)

CarolineMyss: So many - so many!!

CarolineMyss: Clarissa Estes, Larry Dossey, Jim Garrison, Jean Houston, Norm Shealy.

CarolineMyss: There are so many marvelous people - Bernie Siegal - Deepak Chopra - so many, I could go on and on!

RobinCCC: Minerva says: How can we put your techniques to work with family members and loved ones who need healing but resist all attempts by us to help them do so?

CarolineMyss: Back off. The best way to guarantee failure is to insist on success.

CarolineMyss: Back off - and model what you believe, and say nothing.

RobinCCC: Anderson says: can you define the difference between the personal power to heal and 'faith healers' I've seen in certain churches who, when the power of their prayer fails to heal tells their 'patients' that their faith wasn't strong enough?

CarolineMyss: These two questions are totally unrelated, and they really shouldn't be compared.

CarolineMyss: What a faith healer says, and the whole world of any person who makes statements about another's healing success. as though they can see that deeply into a person's soul, should be avoided at all costs.

RobinCCC: Terris says: I've had a running feud with my mom... and try as I might, I can't get her to drop it... I don't care about it anymore.. and even when I say 'fine your right she brings it up... any suggestions?

CarolineMyss: This sounds like your classic power play. And I don't know what the issue is, but no matter what it is, don't respond in anger, don't respond with hysterics, don't throw a temper tantrum.

CarolineMyss: In fact, agree with her - say, 'I guess you have a point.' Show her point of view respect, even if you don't believe her point of view.

RobinCCC: Minerva says: how can we be sure we are healing ourselves and not simply denying a dreadful disease like cancer exists and is eating away at our bodies?

CarolineMyss: The way I would suggest you handle a serious disease is that you stay in close contact with those who can evaluate your blood and your body.

CarolineMyss: You need the best of allopathic as well as alternative medicine. You need to see physical results, and you need to feel spiritual results.

CarolineMyss: That's how you make sure.

RobinCCC: Linda says: Do you advocate this type of self healing over and above medicinal science? or in addition to treatment by your physician?

CarolineMyss: In addition - always in addition, forever in addition!

RobinCCC: IAMSONDRA says: Were you always out-spoken and self-confident?

CarolineMyss: Are you kidding?!

CarolineMyss: I used to be the world's most quiet introvert! And believe it or not, I'm not an extrovert by nature - that's just the teacher in me.

CarolineMyss: I actually live a quiet life - and, incidentally, I'm well-behaved offstage.

RobinCCC: jimmirae says: Dr. Myss, will you be doing any more Classes on video as in 'Energetics of Healing', which was DIVINE by the way... thank you

CarolineMyss: Thank you, and hopefully yes!

RobinCCC: TCCArcher says: how does age affect the healing process?

CarolineMyss: It doesn't really, in the sense of meaning if you're older you can't heal. Nevertheless, one has to be realistic about the fact that if someone is trying to heal an illness and they're 90 years old, they're a lot closer to death than they are to puberty. So death at that age should not be viewed as a failure.

CarolineMyss: in fact, physical death at whatever age should not be viewed as a failure, since ultimately we do not know how long heaven had intended for us to live in this life.

RobinCCC: tison1 says: I had bed sore since Nov. 22. I cant get it to close very small now but they want to use flat surgery. Are there alternatives?

CarolineMyss: I don't do any readings - sorry.

RobinCCC: irvsgirl says: what is the main problem why people don't heal? Is it mental or physical?

CarolineMyss: It's all of them. It's mental, it's physical, it's emotional.- it's the inability to do what's required, but, again, we make a mistake in deciding what their healing should look like.

CarolineMyss: Christopher Reeve, for example, never got his body back, but no one can deny that his spirit is healed.

RobinCCC: Will you be holding any seminars this year? Where can we find your conference schedule?

CarolineMyss: Yes - at my website!

CarolineMyss: I have many more seminars this year, and it's all listed at the website.

RobinCCC: Support groups have become very popular in the last 20 years. What are your views on their effectiveness in self healing?

CarolineMyss: I think support groups are enormously helpful

CarolineMyss: However, I must always remind people that they are support groups, meaning that a person should be a part of a support group for a limited period of time. It's not a place to take up residency, so if one is in a support group for 10 years over the same issue, then we've got a serious problem.

RobinCCC: jimmirae says: I want to thank Dr. Myss for 'Miss Fit and Miss Tic', Dr. Myss, don't you find mixing teaching with humor very effective, I mean, if you can give them a giggle or two, they retain the information?

CarolineMyss: Yes, absolutely - and thank you for liking my two new characters - I get a kick out of them!

RobinCCC: Thank you for being with us tonight Dr. Myss. Is there anything else you would like to discuss that we haven't covered?

CarolineMyss: I always like to wish people the best in life

CarolineMyss: I don't want to sound like a preacher, but what I have learned that's true is that kindness really does pay off, and judging others is mistake, and these small things in life are really the big things.

CarolineMyss: and get organized!

CarolineMyss: If people kept their offices like I do, nothing would ever get done in this world :-)

RobinCCC: Thank you Dr. Myss!

RobinCCC: Our show has come to an end today.

RobinCCC: We Thank You, our Great Audience,

CarolineMyss: Thank you!

RobinCCC: and a very special Thank You to our Guest

RobinCCC: ~*~ Caroline Myss, Ph.D. ~*~

RobinCCC: We Thank You, our Great Audience,

RobinCCC: and a very special Thank You to our Guest

RobinCCC: ~*~ Caroline Myss, Ph.D. ~*~

Courtesy of Borders.