Caroline returns to Avila...

Entering the Castle

Spain April 25-30, 2009

"Saint Teresa of Avila"

Hi Everyone:

The brilliant work of Teresa of Avila entitled, THE INTERIOR CASTLE, inspired the approach that I took in writing ENTERING THE CASTLE. In particular, I was quite taken by her template of the soul that she described as a crystal with seven mansions, each mansion containing many rooms. Her metaphor of the soul as castle no doubt was inspired by her beloved town of Avila, which sits upon the highest ground in Spain and was built to be a castle city. Next April I will be leading a workshop in Avila, Spain, on ENTERING THE CASTLE. I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be able to lead a workshop in the same town where Teresa was born. In between lectures, participants will have the opportunity to visit the sites where Teresa grew up and the convents where she lived as well as the shrine where she is buried.

The theme of the workshop is one rooted in contemporary mysticism. Teresa's intention in writing THE INTERIOR CASTLE was to illuminate a path to God through prayer by sharing her own experiences of God. She knew the content of the soul and she knew how to guide her nuns into the depths of the soul. Today many people are feeling that same passion to pursue the exploration of their soul and much of that passion is due to the fact that a mystical Renaissance is in progress within our spiritual culture. Many people are being called to become lay mystics or mystics without monasteries, people who enter into service in this world by developing the same stamina of soul that the great mystics practiced so long ago. This is the theme of the workshop that will take place in Avila, Spain, in April. Among the many skills of the mystic that you will be introduced to will be: how to channel grace, how to practice self-reflection and contemplation, and how to be a mystical activist in the world. Mystics, after all, were divine agents for change in the world. They were not hermits but rather individuals who changed the world they lived in through the power of their souls and prayer.

I hope you'll consider joining me on this rare journey to the home of Teresa of Avila where I will introduce you to the power of your own interior Castle.


The Famous Walled City

Avila is World heritage. Two things distinguish Avila: its eleventh-century walls, two perfectly preserved kilometres of which surround the old town, and the mystic writer Santa Teresa, who was born here and whose shrines are a major focus of religious pilgrimage. Set on a high plain, with the peaks of the Sierra de Gredos behind, the town is quite a sight, especially if you time it right and approach with the evening sun highlighting the golden tone of the walls and the details of the 88 towers.

Saturday 25th: Workshop at Palacio de los Velada: Evening
Sunday 26th: Tour / Workshop:
Monday 27th: Tour / Workshop:
Tuesday 28th: Tour / Workshop:
Wednesday 29th: Tour / Workshop:
Thursday 30th: Morning lecture / Workshop is over

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